5 Things I Learned While Teaching Myself to Code.

Day 1: worked on adding a title and some body copy.

1. Ask Google

Day 2: played with changing the font style, color, and background.
Day 3: my neighbor is a life-saver and helped me sort through fine-tuning my sandbox and adding JS elements.

2. Ask For Help

Day 4: added a button and an image. Learned how to commit changes to my GitHub.
Day 5: slowly but surely figured out how to add an action to my button using JavaScript. I think this was the more challenging thing I did.

3. Change. Save. Refresh.

Day 6: added a colored box with text.
Day 7: connected my box to a JavaScript event listener. Felt quite confusing.
Day 7: my button in action!

4. On a Roll? Don’t Stop.

Day 8: played with dividing the page into two sections.
Day 9: worked on adding content into the columns and centering the image.
Day 10: tried to get my event listener to show an image in the opposite column but couldn’t quite get it.

5. Know When You Learn Best

Day 11: added a background to the h1 and centered the text. Connected the button to reveal an image in the same column.
Day 12: decided to add ‘content’ to the right column. Arbitrarily added a few podcast recommendations. Worked on connecting link throughs to podcast website when images are clicked.
Day 13: alright, buttons are working!
Day 14: wanted to transition from 2 columns back to 1. Started playing with adding colors and working to add more images. Maybe my mind map…



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Heather Kraft

Heather Kraft

Designer. Strategist. Innovator. Wondering why the first questions we often ask people is, “what do you do?” Currently being educated @ The Studio (CU Boulder)