Have you ever been in a tiny home or a converted van?

My favorite part about tiny spaces is the intricacy and intention with how they are built. Not only are they functional but they are full of tiny-living ‘hacks’ and dual-purpose elements. Oftentimes these items are so well integrated…

This week’s project was not easy for me.

I continued to iterate on the environment I’d previously built. I was able to modify the script for the water asset to change the cadence and height of the ‘waves.’ In all honestly, that was the only win I had with the…

I think my imagination is a bit larger than my skillset at the moment. This week’s project proved more challenging than I’d anticipated.

I chose to work with a logo that I’ve developed for another project. I thought it would be fun to see it in action however the end…

Once I got through the tutorial and started working in Cinema 4D I found myself enjoying the process. Getting the hang of how things move in the 3D space was a bit of trial and error but I was able to lean into the keyboard shortcut and find a process…

An exploration of expectations and goals the second time around.

Photo by Deleece Cook on Unsplash

When exactly do we become adults?

I’ve heard that our internal self never really grows old. You could be 100 years old but still feel that your spirit is 25. Perhaps we don’t ‘get older’ we just grow more mature. Our understanding of the world becomes more robust and our expectations become more refined.

I am…

Heather Kraft

Designer. Strategist. Innovator. Wondering why the first questions we often ask people is, “what do you do?” Currently being educated @ The Studio (CU Boulder)

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