Once I got through the tutorial and started working in Cinema 4D I found myself enjoying the process. Getting the hang of how things move in the 3D space was a bit of trial and error but I was able to lean into the keyboard shortcut and find a process flow.

I started the project about 5 times. Since it wasn’t a lot of legwork to get the AI file into Cinema 4D, I found it easier to start from scratch than try and backtrack elements. It took me a little bit to figure out the keyframes and which axis’ to alter — hence the restarting. However, once I got the hang of things the animation started to come together.

I decided to play around with scale in addition to horizontal and vertical movement which was tricky. Understanding how the object would scale and over what timeframe took some finagling. I would like to play around with timing and easing further because I know that these have a big impact on the overall animated experience.

I’ve always thought animation was intimidating so I am grateful that this project threw us right in. Learning through trial and error is always a good place to start.

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