Dipping into the World of 3D Modeling

At the beginning of this assignment, I was ready to build a bench. I sketched out a rough design and then opened Fusion360. I quicked realized that I was in over my head and decided to pivot. I found a ‘beginners’ coffee table tutorial and slowly but surely walked my way through the process.

I began by watching the video once through and then revisited to follow along. Admittedly I started over multiple times when I was unable to figure out what exactly I’d done wrong. Going back and doing things a few times through really helped with my understanding of how the software works.

Here is the tutorial I followed along with. Watching someone go through the process was quite helpful and he did a good job of showing a few different ways to accomplish the same task. I don’t think I would have explored so many of the features if I’d elected to work through a project on my own. Also, getting to see how other people build their file structures and body components was invaluable.

Below are some screenshots of the table details.

I ran into a few issues with construction lines and not entirely understanding how to best utilize them. The tutorial includes a divider in the middle of the coffee table. I elected not to include the divider because I ran into issues with the different planes not connecting to each other.

Within the tutorial, the presenter talked a lot about mirroring elements instead of copying. From my understanding, this helps when you are looking to change the size of elements and have everything be responsive. One issue I did encounter, more human error than anything, was that I built my dovetail joints on my mirrored wall not my original. I built both my sidewalls prior to adding the dovetail which in hindsight wasn’t the best way to go about things. However, once I’d built the dovetail and looked to mirror it I couldn’t do so without deleting the other side wall I’d previously built. Unfortunately, the other wall was my original so when I deleted it I also deleted my mirrored dovetail wall. I overcame this challenge by building new dovetail joints on the other wall instead of mirroring. While perhaps this wasn’t best practice, I found it helpful to walk through the steps again to cement my understanding of the concept.

Overall quite a fun project. I’m looking forward to tackling my original bench plans next.

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