Pannier Meets Backpack: a project proposal

Heather Kraft
5 min readNov 5, 2020


As a frequent commuter via bike, I need my gear to be versatile and dynamic.

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Over the past few years, I’ve spent a fair amount of time scouring the internet for a pannier bike bag that can also double as a backpack or shoulder bag once I’m off my bike. I have nothing against backpacks but after a long commute, I’ll often arrive with a sweaty back and sore shoulders. I’ve done market research and while there are a few packs that accomplish this task there are none that look good while doing so.

I want to build a pack that can seamlessly move between being a bike pannier and an around town pack that I wouldn’t think twice about bringing to a meeting or social gathering. We as commuters shouldn’t have to compromise on function or style.

The pack will combine a traditional ‘backpack’ style with a hardware component that will enable it to attach to a bike rack system. I am still ironing out how and where the hardware will attach to the pack and whether it will be on the front or back of the bag. I am expecting that I will run into challenges reinforcing the bag material and understanding how to evenly distribute the weight within the pack. Not only do I want the pack to fulfill a function but I also want it to be successful as a backpack, both in terms of comfort and usability.

In my UX Fundamentals class, we have been working on building a site map, content model, and low + high fidelity prototyping for an entrepreneurial idea. I choose to build upon my pannier/backpack idea. Ultimately I would like to build a website and brand around the pack if it proves successful in form and function.

To realize this project I would like to utilize a few different skills and technologies.

For the packs' hardware and attachment system, I would like to 3D print a prototype or two to test fit both the bag and the rack system. For this element, I plan to utilize the Ultimaker machine in the studio. I have found a potential hook on The Thingiversa that was specifically designed for a pannier bag setup. To begin I would like to print and test fit this model for my design.

To build the pack itself I plan on putting my sewing skills to the test. As I move forward I will be working to build a pattern for my prototype. Once my pattern is developed, if I have time, I may see if the IdeaForge can laser cut my material. I am not attached to utilizing this technology so this will be a timing consideration.

For this iteration of the pack, I plan to use fabric (heavy + durable), plastic (3D printing), and some metal to attach the hardware. Additionally, perhaps some padding material to build in a laptop sleeve and back support.

Idea sketches with questions + things to take into consideration.

I have never constructed a product before which is why I am taking on this challenge. I want to use my hands to build something so plan on limiting my use of ‘digital devices.’ Ideally, I would like the fidelity of this pack to be very high. However, I recognize the time constraint and that getting a product perfect will take multiple iterations and trial uses. By the end of this semester, I would be happy to have a functional prototype that I can utilize and make adjustments to moving forward.

At this point in the project, I have already completed a competitive analysis. I have also done research into the hardware and attachment systems that are currently being used in the pannier market. Moving forward I would like to do more research into fabric durability, structure reinforcement, and weight distribution. I know a few people in the world of textiles and plan on connecting with them to learn a bit more before I dive in.

To complete the project on time I need to begin thinking about material specifics, sourcing, and ordering an adequate amount. Finalizing a pack design and building a pattern will help me narrow in on the amount of material I will need and help me decide how many types of material I want to use. I also want to print a 3D pannier hook to have with me as I visualize and structure the fabric. At this moment I don’t feel as though I have any questions however, I am sure some will arise as I begin to prototype.

I do not know much about 3D printing so that is a skill where I could use some assistance. I have experience sewing but plan to do additional research to make sure I am reinforcing seams correctly.

Photo by Reuben Kim on Unsplash

I am looking forward to bringing this idea to life. I have been thinking about this product for quite a while, but haven’t taken the time to critically think about the right solution.



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